Our history

The history of the Montreux Riviera Ski School is more than a ski school ... it is a bit like the history of winter tourism on the Riviera. Both towards Les Avants and on the Glion-Caux-Rochers-de-Naye axis, several ski schools have sprung up, split up, merged or disappeared over the years. We must therefore salute M. Parisod (Aux Avants) and M. Müller (Glion) and others before them who gave thrills on the snowy slopes of the municipalities of Montreux and Veytaux.

It was in 1979  that Wim Pasquier founded the Swiss Ski School of Vallon de Villard, attached to the Ski School of M. Parisod in Les Avants. A good skier, Wim will soon have passed the "patent" and become independent on the Vallon ski lifts.

When Mr. Parisod Jr. retired in 1989, Wim took over the Les Avants side of the Cubly crest. It will be the golden age of skiing at Vallon de Villard. For years, Montreux schoolchildren ride by coach or with their parents to learn to ski in a fun atmosphere. It will soon be Mr. Müller's turn to bow out and only one ski school will be present in Montreux. This was the time when the Swiss Ski School of Vallon de Villard became the Swiss Ski School of Rochers-de-Naye.

The name changed again in 2007 to better represent the mixed character of the ESS. From now on, it will be called the Swiss Ski School of Montreux. It is urban and organizes ski trips in all the Swiss Alps but it continues to offer its lessons in the pleasant ski areas of the heights of Montreux for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

Wim will be fully and officially retiring from ESS Montreux in 2016, leaving many memories and big accolades. A whole generation will have learned to ski with him!

Now managed by Ketsia Pasquier-Désilets, Wim's youngest daughter, the ESS Montreux Riviera is looking to the future. Its two priorities are to revive to the best of its ability, in collaboration with the Ski Club Montreux Glion Caux, the Rochers-de-Naye site and the Municipality of Montreux as well as to ensure the best possible winter experience for all its customers, young and old.

In 2019, ESS Montreux Riviera celebrates its 40th anniversary ...  Be part of history with us !!