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Our Story

The story of the Montreux Riviera Ski School is the story of more than just a ski school !


It's the story of winter tourism on the Riviera. 


At the time, in Les Avants and along the Glion-Caux-Rochers-de-Naye axis, several ski schools were created, split up, merged and then disappeared over the years.


Two names stand out among many: Mr. Parisod, who owns the Swiss ski school in Les Avants, and Mr. Müller, who heads the one in Glion. Both have brought thrills to the snowy slopes of Montreux and Veytaux.

In 1979, Wim Pasquier founded the Vallon de Villard Swiss Ski School, attached to Mr. Parisod's ski school in Les Avants. A good skier, Wim soon became an independent "patenté" on the Vallon ski lifts.


Ten years later, when Mr. Parisod retired, Wim took over the reins at Les Avants and the Cubly ridge. This was the golden age of skiing in the Vallon de Villard. For years, schoolchildren from Montreux travelled by bus or with their parents to learn to ski in a fun atmosphere. 


Soon it was Mr. Müller's turn to bow out. This was the time when the Vallon de Villard Swiss Ski School became the Rochers-de-Naye Swiss Ski School.

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